Artwork & Tracklisting Revealed For Kool Keith’s “The Legend Of Tashan Dorrsett”

Marley Marl, Ced Gee, TR Love, Domingo and more lend a hand to Keith’s upcoming album.

Kool Keith and Junkadelic Music will release the latest addition to Keith’s huge catalog on April 5. The Legend Of Tashan Dorrsett features exclusive remixes and features by Marley Marl, former Ultramagnetic Mc’s groupmates TR Love and Ced Gee, Domingo, Mark Live and Agallah Don Bishop. The artwork below was done by Mode 2.

1. The Legend Of Tashan Dorrsett (Prelude)
2. New S**** Feat Champ / Dj Junkaz Lou Rmx
3. Supa Supreme / Marley Marl Rmx
4. Flow Smooth Feat Ced Gee / Dj Junkaz Lou Rmx
5. The Real Beginer Feat Chem / Ariel “The Cartel” Caban Rmx
6. Above The Sea Level / Agallah Don Bishop Rmx
7, Tashan Dorrsett… / Domingo Rmx
8. Track Runner Feat Marc Live, Raaddrr-Van & Tr Love / Tr Love Rmx
9. Glamour Life Feat Marc Live / Dj Junkaz Lou Rmx
10. Booty Clap Feat Big Sche Eastwood / Mr. Sche Rmx
11. Black Lagoon / Domingo Rmx
12. Magnetic Junkadelic Feat Ced Gee & D. Eazy / Dj Junkaz Lou Rmx
13. New S**** (Rmx instrumental)
14. Flow Smooth (Rmx instrumental)
15. The Real Beginer (Rmx instrumental)
16. Above The Sea Level (Rmx instrumental)
17. Tashan Dorrsett… (Rmx instrumental)
18. Track Runner (Rmx instrumental)
19. Glamour Life (Rmx instrumental)
20. Black Lagoon (Rmx instrumental)

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