Royce Da 5’9 Updates On Slaughterhouse LP, Speaks On Origins Of Bad Meets Evil

Nickel Nine says that more than 20 songs have been recorded for his supergroup’s Shady Records debut.

Royce Da 5’9 recently spoke on Slaughterhouse’s upcoming Shady Records debut, explaining that the group is nearing the completion of the LP. During an interview with The Detroit Free Press, Nickel Nine revealed that he, Joe Budden, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz have laid down more than 20 songs and that they’re close to crossing the finish line.

“I can’t really give too many details about that, because I don’t really know what we’re using,” he said. “But we’ve been in with a lot of big-time producers. But I think after one or two more trips we’ll have more of an idea what songs we’re using. … We’ve got over 20 songs done already and we’re probably only gonna use probably 13. So we’re in a good place with that album.”

He also spoke on how “I’m On Everything”  was originally intended for his latest solo releaseSuccess is Certain. After recording the cut, he brought the track to Eminem and laid down verses, which snowballed into the duo working on Bad Meets Evil’s recent EP, Hell the Sequel.

“With the song ‘I’m On Everything’ — I originally started that for ‘Success Is Certain.’ I wanted Marshall to get on there and just rhyme a verse, so I took it to him and asked him if he would get on it. He took it home and wrote to it and laid a verse to it. The song still seemed kind of short, so we agreed that we’d go in and do a third verse together, we’d split a third verse. We basically ended up in there and going back and forth, kept passing words back and forth to each other. We felt like we were doing a crossword puzzle and it was real fun.

“That’s kinda like what spawned us doing more work and that ended up turning into the project, what you know as ‘Hell: The Sequel.’ But we didn’t start off, like, ‘Yo, let’s go in and do an EP.’ It was like, we looked up and we had four or five songs, because we just agreed that anytime we had stuff at that time we would just work with each other. That one song sparked the whole project.”

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