Drake & DJ Khaled Consider Rick Ross’ Next LP A Classic In The Making

Drizzy and Khaled say Ross’ forthcoming album will be a classic and Ross returns the compliment to Drake.

As Miami’s Rick Ross finalizes his forthcoming album, God Forgives, I Don’t, other acts are singing their praises of what’s to come. Recently, Drake and DJ Khaled spoke with MTV about Ross’ upcoming disc, both saying that the album will be one to remember.

“That God Forgives, I Don’t; the only way I can describe it is like Doggystyleor Ready to Die or Clipse Lord Willin’ or any of the albums that I collected and held on to as a kid — whether it was cassette or CD,” Drake noted in the interview with MTV.

Drake was not alone. Ross’ affiliate, DJ Khaled, also spoke about the album. He likened it to various classics as well.

God Forgives, I Don’t is a classic-in-the-making,” Khaled noted. “Let me tell you something right now: This album is so crazy from the beginning of what I’ve been in the studio hearing already,” he said. “I can’t give you too much because I’m going to let him do that, because that’s his project, but I could tell you right now it’s classic and he is talking that talk.”

Understanding the praise he was given, Ross returned the compliments when speaking about Drake’s upcoming album, Take Care.

“I feel extremely grateful to hear a bulk of Take Care. Just to hear this man’s tone of voice and the shit that he’s saying is just so visual,” he explained. “If you’re a true Drake fan — if you love his first album, this one right here, this shit is uncut.”

Drake, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled have had a working relationship for quite some time and have recently collaborated on DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One.” This is also not the first time Khaled has labeled Ross’ album a classic in the making.

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