Wiz Khalifa Working On Next Album

Wiz Khalifa announces that he’s working on the follow-up to “Rolling Papers.”

Following the release of his debut album, Rolling Papers, Wiz Khalifa isn’t slowing down. The Pittsburgh, PA native has revealed that he is already working on his sophomore set.
“Yeah, I’ve started working on a next album just to get a feel for where I’m going with it,” said Wiz in an interview with MTV News.
“‘No Sleep’ is gonna do what it’s gonna do,” he added of his current single. “Hopefully, it takes off; it’s been getting a lot of love so far.”
“You know me, I’m always working, doing new stuff,” he added. “I got artists that I’m working on and stuff like that; Chevy [Woods] is doin’ his thing.”
Chevy Woods’ mixtape, Cookout, is due out soon, and will prominently feature Wiz Khalifa.

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