Yelawolf Recalls Getting Booed On Stage, Speaks On White Rappers

Catfish Billy speaks on the state of white rappers in the game and how he flubbed an opening slot for Raekwon.

Yelawolf is currently gearing up for his major label debut Radioactive, but he’s had his fair share of trying moments on the road to his release. Speaking with NC’s 102 Jamz, Catfish Billy recalled getting booed while opening for Raekwon in New York City and a few times getting heckled by fans at Wiz Khalifa shows.
“First legit boo? I’ve gotten booed by a few haters and shit. My first legit boo was when I went to New York opening up for Raekwon in New York City,” he said. “I brought a banjo player with me, I brought a drummer, a fiddle player and as soon as I stepped out on stage, I said, ‘What’s up Alabama’ or something like, ‘This is my first time in Alabama, everybody make some noise!’ and I was in New York City. But they just struck it off. I got through it, though. By the end, they were backing it. Couple Wiz shows already, that was… You know.”
He also spoke on the state of white rappers, and how some up-and-coming emcees need to school themselves on Hip Hop history before picking up a mic.
“There’s always been white rappers, it’s nothing new under the sun. There’s only been one with worldwide success and longevity. You know who that is – Marshall. But there’s always been white rappers. It’s cool, but a lot of times, it’s nerve-wracking because of the lack of respect of the culture that a lot of white rappers have. But there are plenty of real cats out there. With the Internet now, you could be knowledgeable about everything.”

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