Jim Jones Sued Over Track With R&B Singer Ashanti

Hip-Hop and R&B producer Christopher R. Liggio filed paperwork to sue rapper Jim Jones in a New York federal court on Wednesday, for allegedly sampling a copyrighted song with out the producers permission.

The infringement suit claims that the Dipset member and other music companies, including Entertainment One, Sally Ruth Esther Inc., Universal Music Publishing, Songs of Universal Inc. and Pookitoots LLC used the song “Changing the Locks/Disco Rabbit” without the authorization of Mr. Liggio.

While Jim Jones was not available for comment at press time, this is the second case that Jim Jones has faced over the past year.

In February of this year, Jim Jones was sued by several young women who were said to have been featured topless in his video “Summertime” without their permission.

The song “Changing the Locks” consisted of Liggio’s composition and the original vocal from Jones and R&B artist Ashanti.

Liggio was given a co-author and producer credit in the liner notes, but he claims that he was never contacted by Jones

Liggio, who has worked with artists like Jay-Z, Ludacris and Mary J. Blige, is alleging copyright infringement and constructive trust. He asks that the court determine the  how much money Jim Jones might have made on the song.

Liggio wants $150,000 for the use of the copyrighted composition and $150,000 for use of the copyrighted sound recording, in addition to attorneys’ fees and costs.

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