Jayo Felony Accused Of Squatting In Million Dollar Hollywood Home

Los Angeles County’s KTTV turned their cameras on Jayo Felony, who is allegedly the victim of a real estate scam after being accused of squatting.

San Diego-based rapper and former Def Jam artist, Jayo Felony, is being accused of squatting in a million dollar Hollywood Hills home. The rapper, whose real name is Jason Savage, was filmed by Fox affiliate KTTV’s cameras approaching a Hollywood home believed to be worth upwards of $1.6 million. When a field reporter asked about him allegedly occupying the foreclosed property without permission, the visibly hostile Jayo Felony said he was renting the property from his friend’s father.
Neighbors—who would not agree to have their faces shown on camera—said they were intimidated and complained of loud music and marijuana smoke coming from the property. One resident, who also chose to remain anonymous, alleges they saw men break in to the property after it was foreclosed.
“We rented it from someone,” Jayo Felony’s live-in girlfriend explained to reporters. “We literally paid someone $5,000 cash to rent this place. His name is Benjamin White.”
According to documents obtained by KTTV, The Bank of New York is suing the aforementioned White. The Bank has served White an eviction notice, which essentially makes him a squatter and makes both Jayo Felony and his girlfriend the victims of a scam.

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