Snoop Evens Up $500k IRS Bill; Launches New Social Networking Tool

West Coast rap legend Snoop Dogg is out of the doghouse with the IRS, after paying off a half-million dollar tax bill.

On September 15th, Snoop Dogg was released from a $476,338 tax bill, which was filed against him in December of 2008.
According to the The Detroit News’ “Tax Watch” blog, Snoop Dogg settled up his bill with the IRS last week and paid off the massive debt.
Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg continues his push in the social networking arena, with a new deal to launch a production tool titled “The Snoop Pack” with Viddy, a leading mobile social video application.
The tool gives users the ability to create one click effects, layers and soundtracks to self-created videos.
The new deal exposes Snoop Dogg to over 800,000 of Viddy’s users, who will be able to create and capture 15 second videos on their phone and apply the “Snoop Pack,” which can be shared with friends and family.
“Facebook is great for your friends and family. Twitter is great for short messages,” Snoop Dogg explained. “Instagram is great for pictures. Social video has power, it’s the next big thing. With Viddy, I’m giving fans around the world the chance to explore that, and create and share Snoop Dogg inspired video content.”
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