Young Bleed “Preserved” Artwork & Tracklist

Album in stores October 11, 2011 peep below for tracklist.

  1. Stamp On It
  2. Boot Up Feat. Juvenile
  3. It’s Nut’n
  4. Holla’ At Uh’ Dog
  5. Hurt Nobody Feat. Destiny   D’Lere Clifton
  6. Husle’ Ball
  7. Wut’z Up
  8. From Da’ City
  9. Wall Uh’ Fame
10. How Ya’ Do Dat’ Again Feat. Tech N9ne & Brotha Lynch Hung
11. Uh’ Gangsta’s Gangsta
12. It’ll Go Down
13. M.O.E. (Money Over Everything)
14. Call The Police
15. City Uh’ God
16. Walk Like Uh’ Husala’
17. Papa Papa Feat. Lil Witness
18. Thank Ya’ Feat. Chantele Crowder

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