Method Man Expresses Desire To Collaborate With Tyler, The Creator

Meth also dismisses comparisons between Odd Future and Wu-Tang Clan.

After praising Odd Future and Tyler, The Creator this past June, Method Man is ready to reach out to the crew for collaboration. Speaking with’s Mikey Fresh, Johnny Blaze explained that he wants to get production from the OFWGKTA ringleader.
“Right now I want to get that kid from Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator—I just want to hear some of the shit he got. He’s in that vein that I like as far as beats go,” he said, dismissing comparisons between OF and Wu-Tang Clan. “I don’t see any similarities, as far as the movement, maybe. But I don’t see any similarities because some of the shit they talk about. The shit we use to talk about was 5% Nation of Islam, Gods and Earth…you know, ‘block shit.’ Let them do them and I enjoy them. I’m not going to lie. And yes I do know more than just one song that they’ve done. Some of these people on Youtube and shit, they’re fucking incredible with their comments.”
While he’s looking to collaborate with Tyler on the production tip, Meth spoke on how previous attempts to work with Just Blaze and Timbaland didn’t go as smoothly as expected.
“We’ve tried. I’ve tried [Just Blaze] a few times and it just didn’t work out. Timbaland on the other hand, he would send you a skeleton beat and I can’t rock to a skeleton beat. I need an actual beat because when I write, I write to the music, so that didn’t work out.”

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