Lil’ Scrappy Arrested; Facing Four Felony Charges

Atlanta based rapper Lil Scrappy was arrested by police last night (October 16), after he was involved in an argument involving his sister, who was being attacked by her boyfriend.

The incident took place on North Hairston Road in Dekalb County, where Scrappy was stabbed in the altercation.

He was later arrested by Dekalb County Police.

“It wasn’t my knife it was his an I beat the f**k outa him an got charges to prove an at the same end they found pounds n the trunk,” Lil Scrappy tweeted yesterday.

According to sources Scrappy received a call from his sister who was being attacked.

When Lil’ Scrappy arrived on the scene and confronted his sister’s boyfriend, the rapper was stabbed in the arm

Dekalb County Police found a .38 caliber pistol, two pounds of marijuana and $8,000 dollars in the garage.

Currently Scrappy is in stable condition and being held on $1500 bond with charges that include felony firearm possession, felony marijuana possession, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor obstruction of officers.

In July, Scrappy was stabbed during an incident reminiscent of the one that took place over the weekend.

In that altercation, Scrappy rushed to the aid of his sister, who was allegedly being assaulted by her boyfriend.

In that incident, Scrappy was charged with felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of a knife and obstruction of officers.

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