Tech N9ne Says It Took One Month to Record New Album

Tech N9ne recently spoke to and explained that he recorded his new project, Welcome to Strangeland, in just about a month…

Between constant touring and regular releases, Tech N9ne is always on his grind. Next Tuesday (November 8), on his 40th birthday and just four months after his last album, the Kansas City rapper will be dropping his latest release, Welcome to Strangeland. Despite being on the road for most of the year, Tech recently told that it didn’t take long for the new project to come together.

“I got off the last tour and I was in the studio two days later,” he said, adding that the entire recording process took no longer than a month and a half. “I already had the beats before I got home, so we had a lot of the choruses done already. So I just get in the studio and write and record them.”

As for what fans can expect, the Strange Music general said that his Technicians will be pleased. “The album is actually intricate, how I put it together,” he explained. “Every song is linked rhythmically and in rhyme form. It’s really dope. It’s crazy that something came together that quick, after something as massive as All 6’s and 7’s. And we’re still shooting videos for All 6’s and 7’s.”

Last week, Tech dropped a song from the project on “Slave,” featuring Kutt Kalhoun and Krizz Kaliko, recounts the hard work that the Strange Music team puts in. “I work hard out here, man,” Tech said of the motivation behind the song and his verse. “That’s just my story. I work for the love of my children and my mom’s sickness. My verse was talking about momma having diabetes, and how everything falls on my shoulders everywhere I go. Everybody is depending on me.”

Welcome to Strangeland will be available on November 8. —Adam Fleischer

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