‘Gucci Gucci’ Ghostwriter Says He’s Yet To Be Paid From Kreayshawn’s Hit

In the flash of an eye, Oakland rapper Kreayshawn became an overnight success earlier this year, all from one song — “Gucci Gucci.” However, someone else should be credited for its success as well … its ghostwriter, a man named Speak.

In a recent feature in L.A. Weekly, the lesser known rapper Speak revealed that he co-wrote the hit single with Kreayshawn — as well as her latest single, “Rich Whores” — but has yet to be paid for either.

The aspiring rapper (real name: Anthony Negrete) tells the paper it’s hard seeing the young female attain success from something he helped create, while he’s still a starving artist.

“That’s the weird thing,” Speak says. “Seeing someone become rich overnight and getting to do all the cool things that come with being a successful artist, knowing you had a part in that, but eating Spam for dinner.”

Speak says when he first worked with Kreayshawn, she had no knowledge of how to properly structure a song, so he sat her down and taught her how. But, was surprised, nonetheless.

“I told her to drop 16 on a song, and she was like, ‘Uh, what do you mean?’ So we sat down and hammered it out,” he revealed. “I taught her how to con-ceptualize and structure lines and put a filter on all the craziness.”

While he waits for his check from “Gucci Gucci,” Speak continues to work behind the scenes as … well, a ghostwriter. He’s reportedly working on songs with the likes of Plies and No Doubt; and also plans to drop his own mixtape, Inside Out Boy, due out November 14th.


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