Ludacris Says Bill O’Reilly Donated To His Foundation

After beefing for years, the FOX News anchor cut a check for Luda’s foundation.

With their long-documented history of trading words with one another, Ludacris and Bill O’Reilly appear to have settled their differences. So much so, that Luda says that the FOX News anchor donated to his Ludacris Foundation after running into him at an event at the White House.

Speaking with Shade 45’s Sway Calloway, the DTP honcho recalled bumping into him at the gala, catching him off-guard and getting into a heated argument.

“Long story short, there’s nothing he could do. I think he talks about certain people but he never thinks he’s going to meet these people in person – let alone the type of events and the circles that he’s in, that these rappers are sometimes going to be in those same circles,” he said.

But O’Reilly had a change of heart after realizing that there was no means of escape. “He started talking to me about he heard about a lot of the charity work I’ve done with the Ludacris Foundation. This is how he eased into it. He was like, ‘Yeah man, I hear you’ve done good work and I think that maybe I should make a donation to your foundation.’ This is how he got me to calm down. I’m like, ‘You want to make a donation?’ I was like, ‘Well what do I need to do to make that happen immediately, like ASAP?’”

He said that the donation was made, but wouldn’t disclose the amount. “I can’t let everybody know how much the donation was, but at the end of the day, after all of this craziness, Bill O’Reilly ended up writing a check to me to my foundation after approaching him in person.”

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