Young Jeezy Speaks On Occupy Wall Street

Young Jizzle says he sympathizes with the movement.

As Young Jeezy’s TM:103 ‘Hustlerz Ambition’ approaches release, the Atlanta rap vet recently turned his attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“I would riot,” said Jeezy in an interview with, “because we gotta get the money out of Washington. This is real. When you got middle class people taking a stance—because we always took a stance by the way, we always stood in the middle of our projects, our ghetto, and took our stance and our stance was hustling, robbing, what have you, to survive. So now they don’t have those same options, so they gotta go march.”

Jeezy made comparisons between OWS and the Civil Rights movement. ““We as a people marched millions of times before, whether it was the Million Black Man March or whether we marched with Martin Luther King, we marched or whether it was Malcom X, we marched. And now is their time to march. They gotta go stand up for what they believe in. Stand tall like a tree. If it takes getting jailed and pepper sprayed, if that what it takes to feed your kids then fuck it, let’s do it.”

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