Manish Law presents VAGABOND the ”free” album

The wait is finally over!!!  Manish Law’s new project VAGABOND the ”free” album is now available for download on VAGABOND is defined as a person without a permanent home who wanders from place to place, but not everyone that wanders is lost!!! Manish Law looks to prove just that with this album as he expresses his freedom as an artist and chronicles the past 2 year roller coaster of his recent rise in the state of Kansas and the Midwest. The album contains a variety of great sounds that fuse Pop, Hip-Hop & Rock genres supplied by producers T-Wrexx, Corey Jay, Se. Trill, Flip Keys & One-O. Songs like “Sixty Sick” and Quick Sand let us in on his pressures, doubts and fears of living up to his giving titles and hype. “Kiss those girls” and “When they Fall” express how he deals with relationship issues and becoming an overnight sex symbol . There’s also a whole lot of fun and good times in-between with songs like ‘’Cutt-a-Rugg’’ and “Bringing it home” which features Folk band Elliot Road. Vagabond is nothing less than stellar and groundbreaking to say the least. So don’t wait any longer head over to right now and feed your hunger for good music!!!!

VAGABOND the ”free” album is sponsored by House of Schwan(Budweiser), 42 Below, Sailors World Famous Tattoos, Notes & Noises Record Shop, Spitting Image Photos by Deb & Bray Films.
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Download link for the album:

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