With the number of unsolved famous hip-hop murder cases nearing double digits with 2Pac and the late Notorious B.I.G., new reports claim an informant is ready to come forward and identify someone responsible for late rapper Mac Dre‘s 2004 death.

Reports claim a Missouri writer has information relating to Dre’s fatal Kansas City shooting.

In a statement obtained by MTV News, Kansas City writer Alonzo Washington announced that he planned to hold a press conference in front of the Downtown Kansas City Police Department. Washington was asked by an anonymous male informant on December 8 to be introduced to the police department and, if his unspecified “terms and conditions” are met, the informant will reveal the name of a new person who he believes killed Mac Dre. After Mac Dre’s murder, Washington campaigned for an anti-snitching “Hip to Give Tips” movement via flyers and writing articles. It unfortunately didn’t prevent what would later be perceived as a retaliatory killing when Kansas City rapper Fat Tone (Anthony Watkins) was murdered in Las Vegas in 2005. (Rapfix)

Washington’s decision to come forward could possiblbecause it caused so many people to be killed behind rumors and hip-hop speculations,” reads the statement. Whether or not this proves to be the information that cracks the mystery, at least there might be some new motion in trying to solve the case of who silenced a talented artist far before his time. (Statement)

Mac Dre was fatally shot in early November 2004 following a concert.

When Wanda Salvatto heard Monday that her son was dead, she didn’t trust the news. After all, Andre Hicks — better known as Vallejo rapper Mac Dre — had been slain three times before, according to rumors. But at 4 p.m., Salvatto learned the latest buzz was true: Hicks, 34, was gunned down early Monday in a freeway shooting in Kansas City, Mo., where he was performing at a concert, police there said. No motive was immediately revealed. (San Francisco Gate)

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