Domination Locked Up For Manslaughter; Bang Em Smurf, Layzie Bone Comment

Former G-Unit associate Domination has been locked up for the past five months for manslaughter and gang assault in the first degree.

Due to the seriousness of the case, Domination refused to speak about the incident that led him to be charged with manslaughter and gang assault.
“I’m going through the whole court issue right now about to take this to trial,” Domination said in an exclusive interview. The charges domination is facing are quite serious. He was locked up in May of 2011, with a bail that’s been set at over $500,000, for both the charges. The rapper was offered was offered a seven year plea deal, which he rejected. ”
They offered me a plea, but I rejected it,” Domination said. “I had nothing to do with the situation and they’re pointing the finger at me. There’s not too much I can speak on. The important thing is that everyone on the streets keep doing what their doing.” contacted Bang Em Smurf, who weighed in on the situation as well.
“I just got a kite from him, I’m bout to write him tonight and give him a few tips because I beat a few bodys myself,” Bang Em Smurf said. “This is his first time [he’s] getting charged with something serious [but], he beat a shoot out back in the day.”
Domination had just released a new mixtape titled KingDom, when he was locked up.
As a result, the official follow-up to his 2005 album God Giveth God Taketh Away with Bang Em Smurf has been delayed, despite the fact that Domination had recorded over 50 songs for the release.

A variety of artists weighed in on Domination’s situation, now that he’s incarcerated and possibly facing a lengthy prison sentence.
“I had the pleasure of spending a week with Domination up in Jamaica, Queens not too long ago,” Layzie Bone told “I met a man with super talent, great character and the most superior integrity. He held me and my manager Knuckles down and we didn’t have to spend a dime – thug love.”
Domination was one of 50 Cent’s earliest supporters in the beginning stages of his career in Southside, Jamaica Queens.
After a fall out, Domination sided with Bang Em Smurf during a feud with 50 Cent.
As a result, both 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks released diss records aimed at Bang Em Smurf and Domination, and vice versa.

Domination and his partner Maybach Dice’s brand Feed the Wolves was also enjoying a budding association with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group when he was locked up.
“We was working, we had the same dream as each other we was doing shows in the studio, we was actually recording material for a joint tape an all that. Unfortunately he got locked up.”
“Domo is holding up, he is a warrior and he won’t let nothing break him down. He’s good on the Island [Rikers]. You know how we do,” Bang Em Smurf said.

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