Fat Joe Talks Weight Loss, Advice For Rick Ross

Fat Joe talks shedding the pounds, and whether he has any health advice for the Bawse.

In the wake of Fat Joe’s weight loss this summer, some have questioned whether Don Cartagena would change his stage name.
“I’m Fat Joe,” he stated emphatically. “I’m still fat. You know the fact is if I didn’t do it for health reasons I would be fuckin’ 1,000 pounds happy. I love to eat that’s what I do.”Joey Crack’s friend and fellow heavy-set collaborator Rick Ross recently suffered two seizures that many are speculating are connected to the Bawse’s weight. Yet when asked by XXL if he had any thoughts on Rozay’s current situation, Crills said he had no advice.“He’s a grown man,” Joe said of Ross. “Whatever his health problems are he’s gonna deal with them or do whatever he got [to do]. I can’t offer that man nothin’.”
Joe is currently prepping the release of his mixtape The Darkside, Vol. 2.

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